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Image by Seth Doyle
 Donate to Wonderbag 

When you subsidize a Wonderbag, you help to cut poverty, create opportunities, and generate prosperity. Investing in women today helps communities increase their incomes tomorrow.

All donations go directly towards the production of Wonderbags for low-income families in South Africa. To understand the impact of your donation, each Wonderbag used regularly is proven to: 

  • Reduce household energy bills by up to 70%

  • Reduce water usage by up to 1,000 litres per year 

  • Save 1,300 hours of time that would have been spent cooking

  • Reduce indoor air pollution by up to 60%

  • Save five trees from being cut down each year

Here is an indication of how many Wonderbags your donation can help to produce:

ZAR 200 (£10/$12)= 1 Wonderbag

ZAR 1000 (£50/$61) = 5 Wonderbags

ZAR 2000 (£100/$122) = 10 Wonderbags


Kindly make your donation using the secure payment link below. 

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