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 Empowering communities and tackling the climate crisis. 





Change is needed.

Globally, the world is experiencing record energy prices and soaring carbon emissions, placing significant financial pressure on households, and our planet.

In addition, 2.5 billion people still cook over an open fire each day. This causes significant emissions, widespread deforestation, burdens women with hours of unpaid labour, and jeopardizes their health.

Wonderbag is the solution to this crisis.


The magic of the Wonderbag.

Handmade in South Africa, the Wonderbag is a simple, but revolutionary, non-electric slow cooker.

After bringing a pot of food to the boil and placing it in a Wonderbag, the food will continue cooking for up to eight hours without any additional energy source.

No battery, plug or fuel required - just simple heat retention technology.


How it works.

Consider the Wonderbag as a cozy jacket for your cooking pan, maintaining your food's temperature and cooking it further without the need for electricity or gas.

While it might seem like a magical solution, the Wonderbag operates on straightforward principles!

Cooking with the Wonderbag remains consistent across various recipes. Start by heating your food on the stovetop to reach the desired cooking temperature, then transfer it to the Wonderbag for a few hours to effortlessly continue the cooking process. It's truly that simple!

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The impact.

Empowerment is at the heart of our business.

When a Wonderbag is used by women in developing countries, it transforms lives. Time that was previously spent collecting firewood and tending the fire, can now be spent in education, employment, or setting up their own business.

Wonderbag therefore acts as a catalyst for female empowerment and resilient communities, helping to support all 17 Sustainable Development Goals along the way.

Our social impact is not limited to developing countries. As a social enterprise we partner with organizations helping families struggling with the cost of living crisis, using the Wonderbag to their reduce energy bills and ease their financial worries. 


Carbon finance.

Our innovative carbon finance model aims to empower individuals and communities, whilst simultaneously tackling the climate crisis.


We partner with like-minded organizations by issuing high-quality carbon credits certified by Verra. This valuable source of funding helps to scale up the manufacturing and distribution of Wonderbags, enabling us to bring about positive change to hundreds-of-thousands of households across Africa.

Purchase a Wonderbag and join the community!

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