Welcome to the new decade of Wonderbag!

As WonderbagWorld moves into its second decade of living I felt it would be enriching to bring together all the miraculous people, experiences, invisible threads and stories that have made this journey beyond my WILDEST dreams. Stories of hope, of pain, of joy, success, global stories of woman reaching across continents to support one another. Stories of forests being saved, girls going to school for the first time, rich transformational entrepreneurial stories. This world ofWonder is magical beyond words- I want to share them with you all, and snippets of the book I am writing, AS well as see your Wonderbag meals, hear your stories and live the next decade together, alive and fruitful. 

Please share, as will I and my team , stories of food, the joy of the Wonderbag, as well as the tough gruelling days, when all your want is a hot bowl of chicken soup to be brought to you cosy and hot nestled in a baby Wonderbag. Authentic, real, grit, vulnerable, yummy and alive- that’s who we invite you to be on this group, that’s who I am so- buckle up your seat belts and let’s have the ride of our lives ........

Sarah Collins