Dear Wonderbag World

Dear Wonderbag World, 

It’s been a very interesting month for me..........what with the  news around the world re the appointment of the US Justice of the Supreme Court,  whose name shall remain off my site, Dr Ford’s testimony, the craziness and deep questionable feelings of what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust……?

A friend asked me how I felt about being named in Time Magazine’s Top 50 Genius Companies, that are shaping the future, alongside the likes of Amazon, SpaceX, WeWork, Nike, Airbnb amongst other big hitters ….Well, it’s a hard question to answer, specially when you look for instance at just their number of Instagram followers 8 mil, 19 mil, 3.2 million, as well as reflecting on the size of these brands that we have grown up with, run marathons in, stayed in, shopped in and worked in, and then we have the Wonderbag?

So what do I think? Well the most frightening thing for me is that 10 years ago I knew in my heart Wonderbag could be a game changer to the way women cooked, worked and saved time, that it could be a revolutionary product that could transform the way cooking takes place in the humanitarian world. Perhaps what I didn’t know was how tough the journey was going to be to get to this point, and what I certainly NEVER imagined possible, was the painful truth, that once named on this said Top 50 list, the amount of hideous resentment, criticism, attacks, the continuous cut downs and the brutal rawness of selfishness that would be directed at me. The Poppy Syndrome at its very best! 

But would I honestly say that I should have not followed my purpose and passion, knowing what I do now, having done what I have done, having the people in my life...I DO NOT regret it. And I would do it all over again. Though last week I may have doubted myself as I was once more on my knees, pleading with my higher powers to give me the courage and direction, and to feel deep empathy for the people who have been brutal to me in the past weeks. But guess what, I got direction, I got inner strength and above all I found out who is truly with me on this journey of economic empowerment of women, of changing the status quo for vulnerable communities, and for women around the world, to live lives with freedom and dignity. Wonderbag is not only a catalyst for this fundamental shift into businesses and self empowerment , but it also so much more. 

So my Wonderworld friends, this journey is totally worth it, it has shaped me as a leader and a woman, it has been extraordinary to me and at times it has been beyond painful, but above all the hardships, it has and still is worth fighting for. Genius products and business models that empower millions of women around the world, are certainly worth fighting for, and I ain’t stopping now. 

Much love to you all, as we go into the winter months of the northern hemisphere and the holiday season, which some of us dread this time of the year, as it brings up old feelings, grim memories; but also happy times. So do yourself a favor to take some of the stress out of this busy time... use a Wonderbag at family functions, it’s so much easier than having a hot flush when your hideous drunk uncle is looking over your shoulder as you stir the gravy! And also remember those who can’t afford one, but need one, as they would be delighted to be gifted a subsidized Wonderbag (see our Donation and Foundation page). 

Talking about gravy, I bought two gravy boats a few days ago, and a friend said , do you intend to make lots of gravy, I looked at her sideways and said I thought I could use one for the gravy for the roast, and the other for the hot custard to be poured over poached pears... she looked back at me and said WTF, when did you last cook a Sunday make the mind boggle, perhaps for one moment I thought I was my grandmother! 

Big hugs


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